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This great project is based on the total remodeling of 115 hotel rooms. This project required more than 10 people from our work team and its completion period was one year.


Hotel franchise


Montgomery, Alabama.

Project Year


Project Head

Maykol Sánchez


For this work, the ancestor of the rooms was carried out, Demolition, We cover, windows, A / C, entrance door, sprinklers and put the design on the windows. Repair of walls and ceilings and putty. Texture of walls and ceilings.
Installation of doors, backsplash, cabinets, vinyl floors, vault skirting. The rooms were also painted, Installation of switches, sockets and ceiling and wall lamps.
Installation of accessories on the walls: entrance hooks, curtains, paintings, TV, headboard, tall cabinets, first-aid kit, WC, shower mat, towel rack, tower hooks,
Doorknob installation, door peephole, safe security door.
The floor is prepared for pouring a self-leveler or a concrete coating. Finally, the final artifacts such as the toilet, chest of drawers, bedside tables, bed frame, mattress, table, chairs, refrigerator, in some cases, the library and armchair are placed. Recliner or sofa and coffee table. General plumbing was done. Cleaning of the space and final review with a confirmation list of the process.

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